Gudlira Jejebapa(Gudli's Grandpa)-( a collection of essays-1999)

Kandhei Naacha(Puppet Dance)-(a collection of short-stories-2000)

Priya Ganaka( Dear Astrologer)-(a collection of essays-2001)

Anjuley Samudrara Dheu (a palmful of waves)(a collection of poems-2002)

Bhiru Bharat (Timid India) (a collection of essays-2005)

Ninety-nine Words(Ed.) (an anthology of English Poems by Indian-2005)

Banchibara Baata (Way to Live) (a collection of essays-2007)

Basantara nichhaka zillarey (Co.ed)(In the district of Basanta-2008)

Mohan Das(Tr.) (original novel by Uday Prakash-2008)

Dhauli Review(Ed.) (an English journal on literature-2008)

Kala Harina(The Black Buck) (a collection of poems-2008)

Khair, Aglibaar Phir Aaungi (Well, I'll come back next time)(Hindi Tr. of English & Oriya poems by Manu Dash-2009)

Adrushya Manachitra (Invisible Map) (Tr.) (Selected Poems by Udayan Vajpeyi-2009)

Kavita Yatra (Sojourn of poetry) (Travelogue-2009)

Baagha (Tiger) (Tr.) (original long poem by Kedarnath Singh-2009)